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Custom Grain Drying

We have always received many inquiries for custom drying but were unable to offer this service in years past. In 2018, we decided to set up shop near our existing grain bins right on M25.

We were able to offer an affordable way to dry costumer grain. Our customers have found it cheaper and more efficient to let us dry their grade in our automated system, which runs on propane and three phase power.

Marketing Products

Our farm utilizes the best resources to obtain

top dollar for your products.


We market organic corn, soybeans, wheat, and

dry edible beans. 

Between selling the seed, farming, and trucking, we understand all the facets involved. We have many years of experience to guide you ​throughout it all.

Custom Farming

Conventional farm land? No problem! We have a full line of equipment to help you farm your land organically or conventionally.


We utilize up-to-date technology to advance every acre that we farm to its fullest extent.


This helps a landowner with initial investment and not having to purchase a full line of equipment.

LG Seed Dealer

We have over 15 years experience as an organic farm and would love the opportunity to help you maximize your yield and profits.  


       DID YOU KNOW?

LG offers a conventional line the can be used to plant      on organic acres.  


Check out their website here:  

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