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Combines Up, Razors Down! 

September 25, 2019

Hello everyone,


My name is Nathan Engelhard and I own and operate Engelhard Family Farms in Unionville, Michigan. For the past three years, I have participated in “No-Shave Harvest”. I started doing this to raise awareness about the hidden and not-so hidden dangers that those involved in the agriculture sector sometimes face. This year has been extremely challenging to get crops planted and maintain them throughout the growing season. We are looking at all time high suicide rates among farmers as we are dealing with unplanted acres and low commodity prices. It has become an increasing concern as harvest time approaches. It is easy to feel anxious, frustrated and discouraged as we start up the combines to see how the season went.

We would ask you to join us as we participate in “No-Shave Harvest" to honor and respect the men and women who do not make it home from harvest to their families. We also want to raise awareness of the farming accidents, accidental death and suicide that have hit too close to home for many of our friends in the agriculture community this year.

The way it works is from the day you start harvesting until the last acre or bushel is harvested, you don’t shave. We are asking for you to join us by taking a picture (maybe even a before and after picture!) or video and posting on social media and tagging it with #NoShaveHarvest.

Because crops are harvested all over the world, 365 days a year, we ask that you keep this in mind as you harvest in the summer months as well as the fall months. Our goal is raise awareness as much as we can to ensure that our friends and neighbors know that we are here for each other and want to help, anyway we can.

If you feel you need help or are thinking about committing suicide, PLEASE reach out to someone, the suicide hotline, or the farmer help hotline. We will miss you at the holiday table if you aren’t there. From all of us at Engelhard Family Farms, we wish you a safe and bountiful harvest. Thank you for your support and God bless!

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