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Meet The Team

Nathan Engelhard,


Nathan performs 

maintenance on trucks, coordinates, dispatching 

and freight loads throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana for Engelhard Family Trucking.


He handles custom farming, preparing the 

ground for planting and harvesting and everything in between.

Amy Engelhard,

Communications Manager

Amy manages the farm website, monthly newsletter, and social media accounts. She is also in charge of HR items, assists with LG Seeds marketing, and continues to develop community outreach programs to educate about organic farming.


Amy also enjoys photographing the daily sights around the farm during planting and harvesting. 

Monica Burns, Office Manager

Monica joined our team in August 2020! She is in charge of the day to day management operations, marketing of crops, and growing the LG Seed business as well as other clerical duties.

Monica will be working on building up customer relations, so please feel free to reach out to her at monica@5efam.com.

Jacob Sherman, Lead Farm Hand

Jake came to our operation as a senior at the Tuscola Technology Center

back in 2014 and he has steadily worked his way up Nathan's right hand man.


Jake does almost anything and everything from needed; from fabrication  on the flamer burners, rebuilding semi truck engines, and running the planter. 

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