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Welcome to Engelhard Family Trucking! 

In 2018, we were doing our annual review of our business and saw that trucking was one of our biggest expenses that we have on our farm. This was due to paying to move inputs in and then paying to move our products out.  With a long time goal of expanding our business into trucking, we took the opportunity to take that jump into trucking and start moving our own commodities. In the spring of 2019, we started moving aggregate for a couple local companies. This has been a nice addition to our family and has given us the ability to meet many new people.


We haul a lot of different products to a lot of different locations throughout our state and surrounding states. We haul grain for food and feed ingredients along with animal feed.  We also spend a lot of our summers moving aggregate to continue to build and rebuild our infrastructure.  We run all over the state of Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  

Our Mission

Teamwork, accountability and sustainability are our company’s guiding principles. We are committed to deliver the best in transportation service products. Sharing strengths and working together as a team creates an important long term advantage. 

Both internal and external customers loyalty, trust and respect can only be earned through our performance reputation. With each load we haul, telephone we answer, freight bill we mail, our reputation is on the line. We have no more important mission than to protect and polish this reputation as a team. 


We number every truck after an event in our lives; from wedding anniversaries to birthdays of family members that are no longer with us. Each truck number is unique and allows us to honor those important dates to keep them ever-present in our lives.

Truck #s include: 819, 725, 912, and 903

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