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Our Past

Lavern 3010.jpeg
  • Our great-great-grandfather, Leonhard (wife Barbara), began farming in the U.S. when they moved here from Germany in the late 1800s.

  • He farmed the land where we currently live until his son, Emil, and wife Bertha, took over the operation in the 1924.

  • Their son, Lavern (wife Betty) followed in his father’s footsteps until the mid-90s when he passed the baton to their son, Dennis. 

  • In 2009, Nathan joined the operation and helped to grow the amount of acres that has allowed the family to flourish. He has spent a lot of time mastering new techniques and improving yields.

Our Present

  • Nathan and Amy were married in September 2015 and are proud to continue the fifth generation farm.

  • They welcomed a son, Lawson, in 2016 and a daughter, Jordana, in 2018. They officially took the reins over in July 2018.

  • Amy is our Communication Manager, which allows her to serve as Editor of our monthly newsletter as well as Social Media Manager (managing the Facebook and Twitter accounts).

    • She also handles other agriculture-related media accounts and procures radio and podcast interviews. Amy is always on the hunt for farm feature journal stories from magazines or online web businesses to participate in to share our farm story with the public. 

Our Future: Farming Options

  • For many generations, we have prided ourselves with the ability to work with several different landlords and farm managers to produce the organic food that helps feed the world.

  • We believe in an open line of communication between the landlord  and ourselves results in the best practices being applied to your farm. This is turn results in a return on your investment that you will be happy with.


  • With all of the changes agriculture is set to endure over the next decade, we feel that our operation is in a position to take production agriculture to a new level. 

  • If you are interested in being a part of this progressive farm family, please contact us! We would consider it an honor to farm for you and would treat your land with respect.

Our Vision

  • The Engelhard family hopes to continue a profitable farming business  for many years to come. We want to make a difference in our community, while providing a stable, wholesome life for our children.

  • To farm organically and produce the specialty crops that our customers want.  

  • To build up the soils with world class fertilizers and compost. We also utilize custom blends and custom applications for every field to allow for changes in soil and conditions.

  • To produce the most out of every acre like it is our only acre.

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